A little bit of what we do

At Harrows Jewellery, we offer a high-quality bespoke service.
Our experienced in-house jewellers will work alongside you to ensure we design and craft the perfect piece for you.
This journey will usually start with discussing the style, gemstones and metal you’d like for your special piece. Stevie will then create some designs based off of the details discussed, and then Steve and George will handcraft to bring this piece to life.
We work in all precious metals, from silver to platinum. We are also able to work with a wide range of gemstones, giving you that additional choice for a personal touch.

Remodelling your jewellery

You may have some jewellery that has been passed down to you, but you are not keen on the design. You may have old, broken pieces of jewellery, or you may even just want to redesign your own jewellery
We are able to provide you with a service where you are able to remodel your broken, worn, old or unwanted jewellery, transforming it into something special and totally individual.
Working closely with one of our jewellers to design your perfect piece allows for a more personal and sentimental touch.

Repairs & Refurbishments

Do you have any damaged or worn jewellery?
At Harrows Jewellery, we offer a variety of repairs and refurbishment services to renew anything from broken jewellery to treasured family heirlooms.
Our services include repairs and refurbishments such as:
  • Resizing Rings, Re-tipping Claws, Re-setting or Tightening Lost/Loose stones
  • Chain Repairs and Rebuilding
  • Soldering and Welding
  • Re-rhodium Plating and Gilding
  • And Much, Much More
We can return any tired, old or broken sentimental jewellery to its original glory. We also provide services that include replacement watch batteries and straps, machinery or hand engraving and insurance valuations.
If you are looking for something specific but cannot see it on our website, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs and assist if at all possible.